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How multitasking while driving puts you in danger

Taking the same routes every day may make you feel comfortable with the idea of multitasking and driving. However, it’s crucial to remember just how unpredictable the road can be. A crossing pedestrian, a stalled car and other obstacles may suddenly present themselves. If you’re doing something else besides driving, you could easily miss something and crash.

Multitasking is a form of distracted driving

As a driver, you know that anything that might impair your driving abilities can put you in danger. Yet, you may not realize just how dangerous multitasking can be when you are driving. Replying to a text message, biting out of a sandwich or changing the radio station all seems so harmless.

Unfortunately, these are distractions brought on by the idea that multitasking is a more efficient use of time. The reality is that multitasking or juggling two tasks at the same time causes the brain’s efficiency to decline. When tested on motorists, reports indicate that multitasking does impair driving performance.

Top driving distractions in Virginia

Data from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles show that distracted driving has led to 10,676 injuries and 95 deaths in 2022. In addition, the most common driving distractions in the state are shockingly simple. They are:

  1. Averting gaze away from the road
  2. Observing a roadside incident
  3. Using phone or texting

With these in mind, it’s crucial to prioritize driving as your primary task when behind the wheel. No bite out of a sandwich or text message is worth risking an accident.