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What to do after a multivehicle accident in Virginia

Crashing against another car always leaves a traumatic impact. But having three or more vehicles involved significantly aggravates the emotional torment, and potential injuries and damages.

Multivehicle accidents are common in Virginia and play out differently depending on circumstances. A frontal collision may happen when a car suddenly changes lanes and collides with other vehicles from the oncoming traffic. In some cases, a car strikes the side of another when it fails to yield at an intersection, causing a tragic chain reaction with other vehicles.

As a pure contributory negligence state, Virginia law strictly imposes that if a victim is partly to blame, even in the slightest degree, they cannot recover compensation. Thus, to prove that the other parties involved are 100% to blame, victims must know what to do right after the accident. 

What are the appropriate steps to take?

No matter how difficult, victims must try to be calm and think clearly. While several things may happen simultaneously, the first thing to do is contact the police to report the incident and receive assistance. Then, victims must take the following steps to ensure that they can establish a strong claim:

  • Seek immediate medical attention: To receive treatment and prevent fatal complications; delays can only cast doubt on the truthfulness of the injuries’ severity when insurance companies investigate
  • Secure irrefutable evidence: To show the conditions of the road, the positions of each vehicle and the actions of every individual through photos, videos and witness statements
  • Save contact information: To learn about the other drivers’ license numbers and insurance companies; exchanging details must be the only interaction victims have with other involved parties since discussing specifics may result in statements used against them

As the investigation proceeds, concerns may multiply. For example, trucking companies may come into the picture if their employee is part of the collision. Further, manufacturers may share responsibility if a defective truck component caused the crash.

Why is a legal advocate crucial?

While everyone is trying to save time, money and reputation, victims must also take a proactive approach to protect their interests and future on the road. Their legal advocate can fight for fair compensation by conducting a thorough investigation. This way, victims can focus on healing and reclaiming the life they had before catastrophe struck.