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5 consequences of prescription drug charges for college students

Facing prescription drug charges can have significant consequences for college students, potentially derailing their academic and professional aspirations.

These charges can lead to a cascade of problems that affect various aspects of their lives.

1. Academic disciplinary action

Prescription drug charges can lead to disciplinary action by the college or university. Students may face suspension or expulsion, disrupting their educational journey. Additionally, a disciplinary record can tarnish their academic reputation and hinder their chances of transferring to another institution.

2. Financial strain

Legal proceedings can be costly, and students may find themselves burdened with legal fees and fines. This financial strain can make it challenging to continue their education, as they struggle to cover tuition, textbooks and other necessary expenses.

3. Limited job opportunities

Prescription drug charges can lead to a criminal record, making it more difficult for students to secure employment after graduation. Many employers conduct background checks, and a drug-related conviction can significantly reduce a student’s chances of landing a job in their chosen field.

4. Professional licensure challenges

For students pursuing careers in healthcare, law, education or other professions that require licensure, prescription drug charges can be especially detrimental. Convictions may disqualify them from obtaining the necessary licenses, rendering their educational investments futile.

5. Stigmatization and emotional stress

Being charged with a prescription drug offense can lead to social stigma, which can take a toll on a student’s mental and emotional well-being. They may experience anxiety, depression and a sense of isolation, impacting their overall quality of life.

Every year, 1.16 million arrests involve drugs, including illegally selling or possessing prescription drugs. For college students, a drug charge can significantly alter their life paths.