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What are some signs of a good choice for an executor?

As you organize your estate and create a plan that you feel good about, there is one choice that can make a big difference. Who you want as your executor is a topic that you should take serious time to think about.

Part of making this choice includes learning about the traits you should look for in an executor.

Willing and responsible

According to Kiplinger, discussing the responsibilities of being an executor with the person you want to choose can help them determine if this job is a good fit for them or not. If their life is too busy or they are not good with details, this role may not fit them.

However, if they show distinct signs of being a direct communicator and responsible when handling paperwork, it may fit well.


When your executor deals with your assets after your death, your beneficiaries may have questions and concerns during this time. Your executor should have a temperament that makes it easy for beneficiaries to talk openly with them.

Choosing a calm and understanding person can help beneficiaries and other family members avoid arguments when tensions run high.

Good with personal items and money

When your executor officially starts this role, they need to make sure they can handle paying off all your debts with money from your estate and keep track of any papers that the court needs. This person should notify creditors and anyone else involved at the correct times.

By thinking about the kinds of qualities you want, you can help encourage your executor to take care of the estate.