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Aggressive drivers and traffic collisions

While driving, you could become involved in a traffic crash due to a drunk driver or someone using their phone behind the wheel. Additionally, an aggressive driver could cause a collision, which highlights the importance of identifying and trying to avoid aggressive drivers.

People struggle with road rage for a host of reasons, such as having a bad day at work and emotional challenges. Sadly, some people display aggressive behavior behind the wheel and cause devastating accidents that leave victims with serious injuries.

Looking out for aggressive drivers

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles published helpful information on aggressive driving. According to the DMV, aggressive drivers take their anger out on other drivers and often exhibit reckless behavior on the road. For example, an aggressive driver could drive too fast, fail to stop at a traffic light, drive too close to other vehicles (tailgating) and change lanes too frequently. Sometimes, aggressive drivers repeatedly switch lanes.

Dealing with an aggressive driver

If you encounter an aggressive driver, you should try to handle the situation properly to prevent an accident. Try your best to avoid them and do not challenge an aggressive driver, even if they make rude gestures or appear confrontational. Do not make eye contact with aggressive drivers and focus on safe, courteous driving regardless of their behavior. In some instances, reporting an aggressive driver to law enforcement becomes necessary.

If an aggressive driver causes you to become involved in a collision, make sure you evaluate the details of the accident thoroughly and obtain as much evidence as possible.