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Costs and preferences when pre-planning your funeral

When you and your family sit down to discuss your estate plans, it is important to understand your preferences at each step of the process. This may include knowing who you wish to pass your property on to or how you wish to approach financial and medical powers of attorney. It also includes understanding the details of your future funeral or memorial services.

Taking care of these details in advance may help your loved ones grieve your death with fewer choices and financial pressures to work through in the weeks following your passing.

Potential funeral costs

As the National Funeral Directors Association reports, 2021 costs for a funeral service varied in the South Atlantic region between $7,070 and $7,800. These figures revolve around whether you choose cremation or burial, respectively. Other potential cost factors involve how ornate a casket or urn is. While Virginia law does not require embalming, many funeral homes require it for an open casket viewing.

Other funeral preferences

However, there are many other preferences worth considering. Your funeral plan may include who you wish to attend or serve as pallbearers. Preferred cemeteries or preferred papers to host your obituaries may also alter any pre-need funeral agreement.

Planning ahead for a smoother service

Communication is vital between you, your loved ones and any professional you reach out to while making your funeral plans. A funeral home can walk you through their typical services and help draft a contract. When dealing with end-of-life agreements, it is important to make sure the language of any agreement reflects your wishes.