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Who is legally responsible for sun glare accidents?

If you have driven the I-81 corridor recently, you have undoubtedly experienced some extreme sun glare. While sunny days usually make you happy, sun glare can make it virtually impossible to see other vehicles. Even worse, it can cause or contribute to a potentially catastrophic motor vehicle accident.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that bright sunlight causes roughly 9,000 car accidents every single year. If you are in the middle of one, you may wonder who is legally responsible for sun glare accidents.

No defense against liability

All drivers have a legal duty to drive reasonably, regardless of road conditions. Consequently, even if sun glare is the primary cause of a car accident, it usually is not a defense against liability. That is, the driver who crashes into you likely remains to blame for the crash, even if the sun temporarily blinds him or her.

Your safety strategy

To avoid becoming responsible for a crash during bright sunlight, it is important to implement a safety strategy. According to Aceable, the best thing you can do is reduce your speed. This gives you more time to react to other vehicles and changing road conditions.

You also should have a clean windshield and wear sunglasses or use your car’s visor when sun glare is present. If you routinely drive in glary conditions, you even may want to consider tinting your windshield, provided you comply with state law.

Ultimately, regardless of sun glare, you may have legal grounds to pursue financial compensation for any injuries you suffer in a motor vehicle accident.