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As it turns out, yes, your job does affect your marriage

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Divorce & Family Law

We have all heard the dubious statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce, and we in the Shenandoah Valley likely have also heard that the most common reason for divorce is finance. And, according to analyses by two websites, this financial reason may hold true as one’s occupation seems to be related to divorce rates, at least as it relates to those 30 and under.

Zippia and

Zippia and analyzed divorce and occupational statistics from the most recent U.S. Census Report. Both looked at these statistics for young people, aged 30 and under, though they took a view of the data from different angles and dived down to various levels of professions.

The results

It may come as no surprise, but both websites found that high-income careers had lower divorce rates. These included nurse anesthetists, medical and health services managers, physicians and other life scientists. In addition, software developers, lawyers, judges, Magistrates and other judicial workers all had lower divorce rates. This may come as a surprise for those who watch medical and legal dramas.

Finances maybe not the biggest factor

From these numbers, it seems clear that higher income earners have lower divorce rates, but that is not always true.  Indeed, while it would seem the medical field is a safe bet, medical secretaries and administrative assistants were among those professions with high divorce rates. And, Speech Language Pathologists and members of the clergy generally do not make a lot of money, so the finances may not be the biggest driver of these numbers.

Take these rankings with a grain of salt

For our 81 corridor and Harrisonburg, Virginia, readers, please do not change professions based on these divorce rate rankings. As pointed out, the numbers are not straight forward, at least not so much that one should make life choices based on them. Instead, one should realize that where they spend most of their time may affect their marriage, and it may be wise to speak with one’s spouse to ensure one is achieving a good work-life balance.