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Pittsylvania County truck accident kills one

One need only look at one of the many massive semi-trucks and tractor-trailers often seen on Virginia’s roads and highways to get an idea of the destructive potential they possess. Fortunately, such vehicles are typically driven by experienced drivers who understand how to operate such vehicles safely.

Still, any number of factors can contribute to such vehicles causing accidents. If and when such accidents do occur, the results can be catastrophic.

Authorities investigate intersection accident in Pittsylvania County

This fact was on full display in an accident that recently occurred in Pittsylvania County. Per the Danville Register & Bee, a car collided with a semi-truck at an intersection. The aftermath of the collision suggested it to be so violent that the semi-truck might have even dragged the vehicle along the road for a distance following the collision. One person died in the accident, although authorities did not specify whether the decedent was the river of the car or the semi-truck.

A stop sign at one of the roads converging on the intersection where the accident occurred directs traffic coming on to the main road. Accident investigators have yet to specify from which direction the vehicles involved in the accident came from (and thus which driver likely caused the accident).

Pursuing a liability claim following a truck accident

If in this case (and others like it) officials determine the truck driver to be at fault, questions may arise regarding how accident victims and their families should seek compensation. While the actions of the truck drivers involved directly contribute to the cause of accidents, one may argue that the driver was only in position to cause the accident due to the behest of their employers. Thus, those companies may share in the liability as well. One looking to pursue action in such a complicated scenario may do well to enlist the services of an experienced attorney.