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The broad and important legal realm of estate planning

A Virginia resident from the Shenandoah Valley region or elsewhere in the state might understandably balk when considering estate-linked questions and contemplating the creation of an estate plan.

After all, the subject matter can seem a bit elusive and dense. Many people know that sound estate planning focuses on the execution of a will, but they are not sure what else from the realm might be relevant.

In fact, estate planning spells a key opportunity for individuals and families far more than it does a chore. A logical first step to gain a sound perspective and see the multiple upsides of timely formulating a plan is to contact proven planning attorneys who routinely work with valued and diverse clients.

Would-be planners are often struck – and duly impressed – by the many benefits realized through working with experienced legal counsel on timely and well-crafted estate documents. They often quickly perceive these key benefits from the process:

  • Identification and preservation of assets
  • Passing along of wealth to heirs in the manner intended
  • Lawful tax avoidance
  • Incapacity-linked protection in health care and financial matters
  • Probate avoidance (often through flexible trust instruments)
  • Privacy enhancements (again, trusts can often promote this goal)

Those are just a few representative benefits derived through tailored planning and the close input of an experienced estate planning and administration legal team.

We welcome contacts from individuals and families across Virginia who want to take a closer look at estate planning possibilities. Miller, Earle & Shanks operates from multiple law offices in the state.