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How Will Spousal Support Impact Your Divorce?

Spousal support, or alimony as many people know it, is a form of financial support provided from one spouse to the other during or after a divorce. Awards of spousal support are a part of many divorces and considerations should always be made regarding if and how spousal support will be a part of your divorce.

There are two different types of spousal support:

  • Pendente lite — This is a temporary form of spousal support that is set by a formula that is very similar to the one used to determine child support.
  • Permanent alimony — Securing spousal support on a permanent basis involves the consideration of a number of factors, including length of the marriage, need and ability to pay among the other factors.

Faulty interpretation of the factors in consideration of an award of spousal support can lead to a very unfair situation where one spouse may experience a windfall or an unjust deprivation. All determinations of spousal support, be they temporary or permanent, need to be carefully examined. Understanding the entitlement of spousal support and under what situations it may be barred can affect life dramatically.

Experienced Representation In Spousal Support Matters

At Miller, Earle & Shanks, PLLC, we offer our clients experienced and skilled representation that helps understand what it takes to secure the spousal support determinations they need. Our lawyers’ focus is on ensuring our clients’ needs, goals and all supporting factors are fully understood by the court when spousal support determinations are being made. We are dedicated to helping our clients secure arrangements that allow them to move past their divorces and to start building the futures they want. An appropriate spousal support determination can be a cornerstone of that future. J. Burns Earle III leads our family law section.

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