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Selecting the right guardian for your estate plan in Virginia

An estate plan is a critical element of financial planning. It ensures the fulfillment of your wishes for distributing your assets after your demise. As part of an estate plan in Virginia, appointing a guardian is vital if you have minor children or dependents who might need care in your absence.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a guardian for your estate plan.

Financial stability

A potential guardian should have the financial stability to take on the responsibility of caring for your dependents. They should be able to manage the funds you leave for your children or dependents and use them responsibly for their benefit.

Values and parenting style

You want to ensure that the appointed person will raise your children in a manner similar to how you would have, respecting the values and principles that are important to you.

Age and health of the guardian

The guardian should be young and healthy enough to take on the responsibility of raising your children and be around until your children become adults.

Willingness to serve as a guardian

It is important to have an open and honest discussion with the potential guardian about what this role involves and if they feel they are up to the task.


The location of the guardian can play a crucial role. If the guardian lives in a different state or country, the transition might be more challenging for your children. It is ideal if the guardian lives close to your children’s current home, school and community.


Choosing a guardian for your estate plan requires a great deal of thought because the chosen guardian will play a significant role in your dependents’ lives.