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Who makes the best executor?

An executor of an estate holds a crucial position. In fact, it is the most important position in the entire estate plan.

As such, it is important for people to take a lot of time before choosing their executor. It is also important to have an idea of what makes a good executor in the first place.

Organizing and handling the funeral

Executor discusses the duties and responsibilities that executors have to deal with. As mentioned, an executor holds one of the most – if not the most – important positions in the estate. They act as a central point of contact that other people will turn to, including the estate attorney, financial advisors and more.

Executors also handle matters of the funeral. They ensure the decedent’s body gets handled in a way that aligns with their wishes and organizes any other things like funeral ceremonies, celebrations and so on.

Managing finances

On top of that, financial matters are usually in their hands, too. They must end all bills that are no longer necessary and maintain the ones that are. They also need to pay off any outstanding debts and will file the final tax form for the decedent.

Traits of a good executor

Thus, a good executor will have a strong grasp of social etiquette and communication skills. They also have good leadership skills and organizational skills, along with time management, since it is crucial to get things filed and paid by deadlines. Such a person can guide his or herself, as well as others, and will understand the decedent well enough to ensure the decedent’s vision gets fulfilled. This is what makes the best possible executor.