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Reasons roads in Virginia are especially dangerous

Car accidents are a risk in every part of the country. That said, drivers in Virginia face particular peril.

There are many reasons why vehicle operators in this region are at high risk for personal injury. Awareness may help motorists avoid an accident requiring medical treatment.


Virginians live in an area with extreme weather changes. One moment there can be sun and the next heavy rainfall. Although this has always been the case, climate change is increasing floods. Rushing water on mountainous roadways is a hazard that many locals cannot navigate. Snowfall is another natural hazard that Virginians may have difficulty handling.


These nuisances are a natural side effect of the rain and snow. Hitting one of these roadway pits has the potential to create a blowout, causing a driver to lose control. Residents should report these dangers. That way, those responsible for filling in potholes will know where to find them.


Virginia has many universities. Their presence gives the region a certain prestige. Unfortunately, students are not known for exercising caution. Impatient youth sometimes cross the street away from crosswalks and ignore traffic lights. Such risky behavior increases the odds of a vehicular tragedy. Slow down when moving through college towns.


There is plenty of economic growth in the Old Dominion state. Cranes, bulldozers, and detours can confuse and discombobulate a driver. It only takes a split-second of bewilderment for an unwise decision to turn into tragedy.

Virginian drivers face particular driving obstacles. Stay aware of the factors contributing to collisions so that injury is less likely to occur.