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Holiday crackdown leaves drivers vulnerable to tickets and arrest

The holiday season is a time for travel and visiting with family and friends. From late November through New Year’s, a significant number of people take to the roads and drive to their destination. When doing so, it is important to remember that law enforcement tends to increase its patrols to catch drivers who might be violating the law. That can lead to arrests and citations which can spark financial and personal challenges. It is imperative to be aware of how to combat these charges to avoid the worst consequences.

Virginia State Police watching for drivers who commit violations

Throughout the holiday season, Virginia State Police has been out in force looking for drivers who might be committing violations. That includes checkpoints and a larger presence cruising the state roads. Often, they are visible to drivers. In other cases, they are covert. If, for example, a driver is alleged to have exceeded the speed limit, he or she might not realize law enforcement was in the vicinity until they see the flashing lights behind them and a traffic stop is initiated. The same is true for drivers who are stopped for allegations of driving under the influence or have a handheld device and are accused of distracted driving.

Across Virginia, more than 100 law enforcement agencies were taking part in “Checkpoint Strikeforce.” Drivers and passengers who witness others behaving erratically are encouraged to contact law enforcement. The goal is to keep people safe from drivers who might be behaving recklessly, breaking the law and potentially causing accidents. Still, just because a driver is stopped and cited does not automatically imply guilt. There are viable strategies to combat the charges and achieve a favorable outcome.

Avoiding a license suspension and other penalties may require professional help

It is vital that drivers be aware of the potential penalties they may face if they are cited for traffic violations or DUI. If a driver is accused of speeding, it is possible that there will be a reckless driving charge. That could result in a fine and even jail time. Other accusations can result in driver’s license suspension, problems getting or maintaining a job, financial problems and more. With state mandated crackdowns, officers might be overzealous. Perhaps the stop was conducted in a way that violated the driver’s rights. There might have been breaches in protocol. Or the evidence could be faulty. Regardless of the situation, it is beneficial to know the available options to lodge a defense. Having experienced assistance is key from the beginning.