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DUI license suspension in Virginia

If you receive a conviction for driving under the influence in Virginia, you could lose your driving privileges. It is important to understand these penalties if you face a court date for a DUI charge.

Review the possible license suspension consequences of a DUI conviction in Virginia.

Administrative license suspension

If you have a blood alcohol content of higher than 0.08% in Virginia, the law enforcement officer will issue an automatic license suspension. This administrative suspension lasts for seven days if you have no prior DUI offenses.

If you have a prior DUI conviction or refuse a breath test, you can lose your driving privileges until your trial date or 60 days (whichever comes first). For a third conviction, the administrative suspension lasts until the trial.

Post-conviction suspension

If you receive a DUI in Virginia, the court may revoke your license for one year. For a second offense, driver’s license revocation lasts for up to three years. If you have two previous DUIs at the time of your conviction, the judge can order an indefinite license suspension.

In addition, a conviction for breath test refusal carries a mandatory one-year suspension in Virginia for the first offense and three years for the second offense. If you also receive a DUI conviction, the license revocation periods will run one after the other rather than at the same time.

Some individuals may qualify for restricted license programs to travel to work or school. You may also qualify for a court-based treatment program if you struggle with addiction to alcohol or drugs.