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Is eating while driving really that dangerous?

Given all of the attention paid to texting while driving, it might surprise you to learn that far more basic and plebeian actions can be just as dangerous. Distraction does not always come in the form of technology.

Eating while driving is a very common form of distracted driving on American roads. According to Decide to Drive, a driver who eats while operating a vehicle is over two times more likely to end up in a crash or a near-crash.

Are some foods more dangerous than others?

There are some foods that are present at crash sites more often than others. However, it is important to remember that correlation is not causation. Just because a full Thanksgiving dinner is not present on this list does not mean that eating pumpkin pie on the road is a good idea.

Some common foods found at accident scenes include donuts, coffee, tacos, hamburgers and soups.

How can I stop eating while driving?

Many Americans end up eating behind the wheel on the way to work in the morning due to a lack of time. In this instance, setting your alarm clock a little bit earlier may allow you to enjoy your breakfast at the table rather than trying to manage it through rush hour traffic.

For longer trips, consider taking a picnic lunch and stopping at rest stops for your meals. Not only will you not be eating while driving, it is also likely that the food will be cheaper and more healthy as compared to something you would get at a fast food restaurant.