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Underage drunk driving penalties in Virginia

If you are under the age of 21 and you drive or you are the parent of a teen driver, it is crucial to understand underage drunk driving laws and the penalties associated with these charges. In Virginia, drivers under 21 face harsh repercussions as a result of DUI allegations, and some drivers do not realize that driving with a very small amount of alcohol in their system is against the law.

Drunk driving cases are often very difficult to deal with and many families struggle with strong emotions. If you are facing these charges, make sure you focus on the case and do everything in your power to protect your future (or your child’s future).

Looking at underage drunk driving laws

The Virginia Law Library covers underage drunk driving on their site and states that drivers under the age of 21 can face drunk driving charges when their blood alcohol content level exceeds 0.02 (as opposed to 0.08 for drivers 21 and older). Some young drivers face these charges after consuming very little alcohol and some are even wrongly accused of driving drunk.

Looking at the penalties for drunk driving

In Virginia, drivers under the age of 21 face the loss of their driving privileges for one year as well as financial penalties or community service. Young drivers facing these charges could face either 50 hours of community service or $500 in fines.

It is also important to note that underage drunk driving charges can disrupt your life (or your child’s life) in many other ways, creating academic problems and other challenges later in life.