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What is the link between legalizing marijuana and DUIs?

There are moves all over the country to legalize marijuana. Many states have legalized it for medical use. A growing number of states are legalizing it for recreational use. Virginia is one of those states currently working toward complete legalization of the drug, 

The issue, according to NBC, is that marijuana complicates DUI stops because there is no easy way for officers to test whether you are under the influence of the drug. 

The effects

Marijuana can have similar effects to alcohol when it comes to dulling your senses and slowing your cognitive and physical functions. If you use marijuana and get behind the wheel, it would be similar to drinking and driving. 

The issue

The problem with marijuana is that an officer may be able to tell you are under the influence of something, but he or she cannot give you a roadside test that will give definitive proof. In a DUI situation, you could take a breath test to get your blood alcohol content. 

Furthermore, with alcohol, the officer can arrest you under suspicion just through observing your actions at the roadside stop and once he or she has you at the station, you can have a urine or blood test that will provide proof of your intoxication. 

This is not possible with marijuana. It stays in your system for a while after use. You could have it in your system without suffering from the mind-altering effects. 

This makes it incredibly tough for law enforcement to prevent driving under the influence of marijuana. It also complicates a case against you because it is almost impossible for the prosecution to present solid evidence of your intoxication at the time of your arrest.