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How should I handle a hit-and-run?

Even a minor fender-bender will add stress to your day. However, if you have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you are aware of how specifically frustrating this situation can be.

Hit-and-run accidents are especially infuriating because you must watch the offending driver flee the scene. Your first instinct may be to chase after the culprit. However, the best thing to do is stay put, as per State Farm Insurance.

Should I let the fleeing driver get away?

In the immediate sense, yes. If you drive after the fleeing driver, you will confuse eyewitnesses to the accident. If two cars end up in a collision and both of the drivers leave the scene, an eyewitness may not know who is at fault.

Naturally, you need to ensure that your car is out of the flow of traffic. You can move your car for this reason, but you must stay on the scene. If there have been any injuries, you must call 911 for assistance. If nobody has sustained an injury, then call the non-emergency number to make a police report.

Can the eyewitnesses help me?

Most people carry smartphones. This means that, even if you were not able to get any video or photo evidence of the culprit, somebody else may have done so. It is a good idea to check with any eyewitnesses to the hit-and-run accident to learn what they saw and if they have any pictures.

Make sure to document the scene of the accident on your own, as well. If there has been any damage done to your vehicle or surrounding property, make sure to take pictures of the damage.